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What is Energy Healing
Energy Clearing & ThetaHealing®

Transformational Energy Clearing & ThetaHealing® is a meditative process, through which we release any old ancestral patterns, structures  and beliefs that are holding you back from accepting, honouring and creating a harmonious coming together of your own divine masculine & feminine energies and being at one and at peace with who you truly are.

I help you understand your self-sabotaging story, what lies behind your specific patterns and beliefs and show you ways to transform and balance your relationship with yourself which will then inevitably touch all your other relationships.

Healing often makes people think it's about fixing somebody and therefore coming from the position of the client being broken, being not good enough or less than what expected.

However, Healing is about facilitating a re-connection with one's highest self and re-aligning your energies so that the body is supported and can do what it knows best - to heal itself. The 'healers' role is only to facilitate or guide you to get back into a state of balance.


You do not need a Guru to tell you what to do. What's more important and beneficial to you is to learn to listen to your body's messages. Your body always communicates with you. 

And you know that already. When something hurts,you pay attention to it. Pain or discomfort is your bodys' way to get your attention and to prompt you to find out why you're experiencing discomfort and then to do something about it.

Many of my clients are struggling with repeating old patterns and family dynamics, often feeling unable to be true to themselves, inwardly criticizing and judging themselves.

Emotional pain and unprocessed experiences create energetic blocks in our energy field which hinder our energy flow and stop us from being ourselves or expressing freely who we are.

We create coping patterns, beliefs systems and barriers on a subconscious level to protect ourselves from further painful experiences. And these patterns are not always just your own but can also come through your family and ancestral line or even further back.

This can result in suppressing, hiding, dis-connecting from, rejecting or even hating certain parts within ourselves - a very natural and human response in order to protect ourselves from 'feeling' painful emotions.

Holding on to grudges, resentment, regrets, guilt, shame or blame only lowers our vibration and stops us from experiencing deep love, intimacy and the relationships we truly desire.

Releasing blocked energies, stored or suppressed emotions from negative experiences, abuse or trauma enables us to feel safe in our body again and to become fully present.


The process also helps to recognise any coping mechanisms that have been created like dis-connecting or dis-sociating from the body, being emotionally unavailable, addictive behaviours etc. The aim is a harmonius union of one's own divine masculine and feminine aspects and a feeling of acceptance and contentment within Self.

As growing children, we spend a lot of time in the Theta brain wave state, soaking up information around us like a sponge. This is where many behaviour patterns and belief systems are formed, where we learn how to orientate ourselves in our surroundings and where we learn how to receive love or how to be loved as well as how to be and show up in relationships.

 I have more and more come to realize that there is a common thread in how the relationship towards a persons own masculine or feminine aspects & inner balance are being influenced by the relationship patterns of their parents, families or other significant adults. These learned behaviour patterns can therefore also easily be unlearned again. 

Are YOU ready to blossom?

Then book a session with me where we will get to the root cause of what's going on for you, so you can move forward again with your life .

 Sessions &
Day Retreats

Energy clearing, guidance and support.

A safe space for your transformational journey and your individual needs.

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