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Empowerment Sessions for WOMEN and MEN 

Areas you might like to work on:

Self-Value & Self Worth


Clearing limitations around:

Belonging, Worthiness, Finances, Self-Reliance, Self-Value, Self-Worth, Safety, Security, Being grounded, Being in your Body... 

Creativity & Sexuality


Clearing limitations around:

Creativity, Sensuality, Sexuality, Blame, Shame & Guilt, Being in your Power, Misconceptions & Conditioning of Masculine & Feminine, Balance within...

Sensuality & Intuition


Clearing limitations around:

Connecting with your Intuition, Sensitivity, Being Present, Confidence, Connection, Fear, Anxiety, Doubt, Disbelief... 

Emotional Awareness


Clearing limitations around:

Emotional Disconnect created by negative Misconceptions & Cultural paradigms based on Fear, Communication with Self through Emotions & Feelings... 



Clearing limitations around:

Lack of Connection through Separation & Divorce, Lack of Support, Blocks in Communication, Core Values, Recognition,  Unity 

Conscious Leadership


Clearing limitations around:

Making choices from the Heart, Journey from the Head into the Heart, Re-defining Values, Confidence Building, Growth, Collaboration & Unity 

One to one empowerment sessions offer a held space of support for you to activate the change you want in your life. I will act as a guide to direct you back to the wisdom within you and for you to become conscious of the beliefs which are hindering you.

The journey starts with speaking about what is not working in your life, followed by releasing the blocks created from this through a meditative process.  I use a variety of tools which work to help you to become present to who you truly are and to then create new outcomes through focus and intention depending on what feels right and useful for you.

Each session is unique as each person is individual.

How many Sessions do you need?

I offer single sessions as an introduction to new clients

as well as a topping-up opportunity for existing clients.

Depending on the areas and the depth of what you would like to work on, I would generally recommend a minimum of 3 sessions for you to create momentum and experience the changes taking place more consciously. Together we will explore how many sessions would be most beneficial for you at that moment in time. 


One-to-One Session

1x Hour

Tailored to your individual needs

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