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Masterclass - From Anxiety to inner PEACE

Hello lovely people,

I'm passionate about helping women to speak their truth, to make choices that are in line with their authentic self and to fully embody their own inner power.

The first step to achieve that is to know how to come into inner PEACE.


PEACE brings you back to being in the present moment, which then expands your creativity, your intuitive abilities and your quality of life. And perhaps one of it’s greatest gifts is that it can help you come Home to yourself. Feeling at home within yourself means that your sense of safety is within YOU, no matter what is going on in your life. Then you can stay true to what you desire and take inspired action steps to follow through.

Join me on my Masterclass on July 25th @ 7pm, where we will activate and align your energies so that you can receive an amplified healing experience that seriously untangles a variety of limiting beliefs and empowers you to create safety for yourself from within.

This Masterclass will lead you back to who you are, to your natural way of being.

The exchange for this energy alignment is £22.

I'll be delighted to guide you back to inner PEACE if this resonates with you.


Much love,


Carmen xx

Masterclass - From Anxiety to inner PEACE 

Price: £22.00

SAVE £10 by booking

2x tickets 

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