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“Healing the Heart” 

Saturday 3rd July 2021, 4.30-9.30pm, Steyning, nr Brighton


Hello beautiful Soul,


With all that’s going on at the moment and everyone having to navigate through many unknown terrains, stresses and fears, I’ve been guided to focus on helping people to heal their hearts, starting with this wonderful workshop on 3rd July. 

During this workshop we will:


  • Get clear on where we have closed off our heart based on past experiences which have caused us heart ache or pain

  • Acknowledge and share those emotions and release them through our throat chakra

  • Heal limiting stories & beliefs we have created from those experiences

  • Receive new downloads on what’s possible with an open heart

  • Be supported and witnessed by our Sisters in the circle

  • Ground ourselves and reconnect with our pure heart energy 

  • Remember who we are and our unique essence

  • Open our heart and receive unconditional love

  • Embody this energy through dance

  • Reignite our inner fire with a fire ceremony (weather permitting)

  • Come back into alignment and be inspired to lead from our heart.

If this speaks to you, I would love to welcome you into this sacred circle and safe space, set in nature, where you can raise your vibration.


And if you are aware of women in your family or friendship circle who could benefit from this heart-opening workshop held in the energetic slipstream of the Solstice, then please pass this information on - it might be just what they need and are looking for at this moment in time.

The price is £75 to be paid via Paypal on the link below.

If you have any questions, please send me an email to carmenvesztergom@icloud.com and I'll get back to you asap.

Sending you love & light,


Carmen xx 

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