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Empowering Energy Clearing Webinars 

for WOMEN and MEN 

The journey towards wholeness, self love and the truth of who we really are,

starts with an awareness from within ourselves.

How we live our daily lives and what might be holding us back from really living our true potential can stem from how we perceive our own internal masculine & feminine energies.

Using the chakras as guidance, we will be looking at the most prominent areas of separation and rejection of those parts of ourselves, which have been hurt, disappointed, let down, to name but a few, by our perceptions of the masculine and feminine in our lives.

In particular where the immature masculine and feminine from stressful relationships with our fathers, mothers, siblings, lovers, leaders etc. has caused us to dis-connect from our heart.

In the first series of 7x webinars, we will focus on the immature masculine energies

and the effects they are having on your energy centres:

The characteristics of the immature masculine are - competition, separation, ego-centric, self serving, boisterous, arrogant, being emotionally detached, motivated by self serving interests, insecurity, identifying with material possessions over connections, need to overpower.

In the second series of 7x webinars, we will be clearing the immature feminine energies:

The characteristics of the immature feminine are – bitchy, gossipy, jealousy of other women, needing validation from external sources, low self worth, lack of confidence, over-giving, using sexuality to manipulate others and get attention, need to control.

Both events will be suitable for MEN and WOMEN alike,

as we gain deeper understanding of and from both sides.

Releasing & clearing the energies from those experiences will allow you to move

from FEAR - which creates  separation

towards LOVE - that supports and connects.

Each webinar is £22 and a piece of work in it's own right so you can join which one you are drawn to or

you can take part in the whole series and work your way through all of the chakras.

If you already feel that you could benefit from doing all 7/14,

then book them together with a special discount!

Don't worry if you can't attend a webinar, I will send you the recording afterwards.

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Areas you might like to work on:

Self-Value & Self Worth
Sensuality & Intuition
Conscious Leadership
Emotional Awareness
Throat Chakra
Crown Chakra
Consciousness Connection to Higher Self
Immature Masculine
21st January 2021  6.30-8pm
Immature Feminine
Third Eye
Insight, Wisdom, Creating your Vision
Immature Masculine
4th February 2021  6.30-8pm
Immature Feminine
Throat Chakra
Expression & Truth
Immature Masculine
11th February 2021 6.30-8pm
Immature Feminine
Heart Chakra
Giving & Receiving Love
Immature Masculine
19th February 2021 12.30-2pm
Immature Feminine
Solar Plexus
Sensuality & Intuition
Immature Masculine
25th February 2021  6.30-8pm
Immature Feminine
Sacral Chakra
Creativity & Sexuality
Immature Masculine
4th March 2021  6.30-8pm
Immature Feminine
Root Chakra
Self-Value &
Self Worth
Immature Masculine
18th March 2021  6.30-8pm
Immature Feminine
Book all 7 Webinars
for the price of 6
and SAVE £22
Immature Masculine
Immature Feminine

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