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Natural Wellness

Raise your vibration with natural energy!


For our body to function well, to be vital & vibrant and to be able to regenerate easily, we have to create an environment which fully supports this.

In essence, the human body is a group of many cells held together by magnetic

energy. Cells and organs require energy to operate and that energy is electricity. Because we are held together bio-magnetically and because our electricity is our main power source, human beings are actually electro-magnetic in nature. The energy in our body is delivered through a delicate balance in our biochemistry. That balance creates an environment conducive to energy generation and flow. Anything that affects that balance, affects our cells, our organs and the entire electro-magnetic processes of our bodies.


Nikken's technology replicates the earth's magnetic energy field which is essential to keep us grounded, connected and thriving - especially when we are indoors and disconnected from the earth's natural magnetic energy field.

Good quality water is essential for our body to be hydrated.

Pi-Mag® Water - Naturally Energised Water

The Nikken Waterfall system transforms the quality of your tap water into fresh, alkaline drinking water.


The natural gravity led filtration uses a multi-stage process that first cleanses the water of impurities and then mineralises, oxygenates and energises it.


The result is fresh, pure, spring-like water with alkaline pH level that is key to good health.  

It is cheaper than bottled water and kind to the environment with no plastic throw away bottles.

Nikken Pi-Mag water is endorsed by the Water Quality Association and awarded the Gold Seal.


Good sleep is paramount for our wellbeing! 

Nikken Naturest® Sleep System

70% of people do not sleep well and without sleep, our body can't heal or support us on a day-to-day basis. Poor sleep results in compromised productivity, concentration and performance.


When we sleep really deep, our brain starts to recharge. Our learning and memory are enhanced and our muscular coordination and immune system benefit when we spend enough time in the deep state of REM sleep.

Nikken has helped millions of people around the world to sleep better and wake up in the morning more alert, refreshed, reinvigorated and energised.


"A good day starts the night before."

Please Note:

Do not use any Nikken product containing magnets, if you you use an electronic medical device such as a pacemaker.

Women in the first trimester of pregnancy or anyone who has a health problem or has an implanted electronic device should consult their doctor or physician and /or their electronic-device manufacturer before using any Nikken product containing magnets.

Do not place in direct contact with magnetically sensitive items such as watches, audio/video tapes, credit cards, portable electronic equipment etc.

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