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A gift of PRESENCE

Each moment is precious when we allow ourselves to be fully present. Even in challenging situations, in tense relationship moments, and when the people we love most trigger our tender feelings, there is joy to be found right where you are.

When I talk to my sons, the most joyous moments we remind ourselves of, are those when we came together and had fun, were being silly, played games and had delicious home-made food together - yes and treats too!

They were the moments when we were totally present with one another and those are the most precious memories we hold.

What joyful moments are you going to look back on this season?

Here are 3x tips to help you become more present:

1) Let go of having to create the perfect Christmas

Allow others to contribute, share the cooking, the shopping, the preparations as much as possible. This will make your family or friends feel they too are contributing, that they have a purpose and that they are actively creating those wonderful moments with you.

2) Allow yourself downtime

This is before Christmas, during and after. By this I mean time to be still and to create the space to listen within and to meditate. When we meditate, we slow our nervous system down, we allow what's important to come to the forefront of our consciousness. This helps us to make choices or take actions that support us and what we want to do, rather than going into overwhelm and trying to spin ten plates all at once.

my free meditation: 'Back to Calm & Presence'

3) Pre-pave the energies

When you are in that connected space during your meditation - this can also be done by lighting a candle and gazing at the flame for a few minutes before you close your eyes and visualise Christmas Day or whichever day you want to create a harmonious outcome for, see yourself amongst your family members, see them all sitting around your table or around the Christmas tree. Look into their eyes and see the child within each of them. See the wonder, excitement and joy of being there - and if that seems hard, send them the energy of your own joy from your heart into their hearts. Just do it!

I have had the most profound change in my relationship with my father, when I decided one year to let go of my fear and projections and the blame i had allocated to him and instead love-bombed him before I arrived and continously during my stay. The outcome was astounding!!

For the first time in years I had a deeply loving connection with him AND I knew he felt it too. I could literally feel his heart opening up to me and there was a rekindling of our father / daughter love from when I was a child. This turned out to be the best visit ever, I felt I had found my dad again and from thereon we have had a truly deep connection ever words needed.

Miracles do happen when we invite them in!

Let me know how you get on with those 3x inspired action steps with becoming more present.

And if you would like to start 2024 with a deeper commitment to yourself and becoming more present, so that you can unapologetically say YES to who you are - especially when it comes to self-love, self-respect, trusting your intuition, being more authentic or creating sacred intimacy in your relationships - then use the link to book your free 'geeting-to-know-you' call with me.

I am opening up 5x spaces for those heart-centred women, who are ready to start the New Year differently and who want to lead their lives with their divine sacred qualities. Together we will create the necessary transformational changes so that you can become a conscious creator of your future.

Have a magical Christmas and gift yourself and your loved ones with your PRESENCE.

With love,

Carmen xx


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